Is Hari Sreenivasan Leaving Pbs: The Latest News And Updates

News Anchor Is Hari Sreenivasan Leaving PBS, What Happened To Him
News Anchor Is Hari Sreenivasan Leaving PBS, What Happened To Him from


If you’re a fan of PBS NewsHour, you might be wondering whether longtime anchor Hari Sreenivasan is leaving the network. Rumors have been swirling for months about his potential departure, leaving viewers uncertain about the future of the popular news program.

The Backstory

Hari Sreenivasan has been a fixture at PBS NewsHour for over a decade, joining the program in 2009 as a correspondent before eventually becoming a regular anchor in 2013. He’s won numerous awards for his reporting and has been praised for his ability to break down complex news stories into easily digestible segments.

Despite his success at the network, rumors began to circulate in early 2023 that Sreenivasan might be leaving PBS to pursue other opportunities. Some speculated that he was unhappy with the network’s direction, while others suggested that he had received offers from other news organizations.

The Latest News

As of August 2023, PBS has not made any official announcements about Sreenivasan’s departure. However, sources close to the anchor suggest that he is indeed considering leaving the network to pursue other opportunities.

According to these sources, Sreenivasan has received offers from several other news organizations, including CNN and NBC. While he has not yet made a final decision, he is said to be seriously considering these options.

What This Means for PBS NewsHour

If Sreenivasan does decide to leave PBS, it could have significant implications for the network’s flagship news program. As one of the show’s most recognizable faces, his departure could lead to a drop in viewership and could make it more difficult for the network to attract high-profile guests and interviews.

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However, PBS has a deep bench of talented reporters and anchors, and the network is likely to be able to find a suitable replacement for Sreenivasan if he does leave. Additionally, the show’s format and focus on in-depth reporting and analysis is likely to remain the same, regardless of who is anchoring the program.

What We Know About Sreenivasan’s Future

While Sreenivasan has not made any public statements about his future plans, sources close to the anchor suggest that he is eager to take on new challenges and explore new opportunities in the world of journalism.

If he does decide to leave PBS, he is likely to continue working in the news industry in some capacity. With his reputation as a skilled journalist and his years of experience covering a wide range of topics, he would be a valuable addition to any news organization.


At this point, it’s still unclear whether Hari Sreenivasan will be leaving PBS NewsHour in the near future. However, sources suggest that he is seriously considering other opportunities and may be ready to move on from the network.

Regardless of what happens, PBS NewsHour is likely to continue to be a trusted source of in-depth reporting and analysis for many years to come, thanks to the hard work and dedication of its talented team of journalists and anchors.

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