Shammi Prasad Brothers Names: Who Are They?

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If you are a fan of Indian cinema, you may have heard of the Shammi Prasad Brothers. These three talented siblings have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera. In this article, we will take a closer look at who they are and what they have achieved.

Who are the Shammi Prasad Brothers?

The Shammi Prasad Brothers are comprised of three siblings – Shammi, Prasad, and Ravi. They were born into a family of performers, with their father being a renowned director and their mother an accomplished actress. From a young age, the brothers were exposed to the world of cinema and developed a passion for it.

Shammi Prasad

Shammi Prasad is the oldest of the three brothers. He is a talented actor who has appeared in numerous films over the years. Some of his most notable roles include the lead in the hit movie “Guru”, as well as supporting roles in “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna” and “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. Shammi is also a trained dancer and has showcased his skills in several Bollywood dance numbers.

Prasad Prasad

Prasad Prasad is the middle brother and is primarily known for his work behind the camera. He is a highly respected director and producer, having worked on a number of successful films and television shows. Some of his notable works include “Bajirao Mastani”, “Padmaavat”, and “Game of Thrones”. Prasad is known for his attention to detail and his ability to bring out the best in his actors.

Ravi Prasad

Ravi Prasad is the youngest of the three siblings. He is a talented writer and has penned several successful screenplays over the years. Some of his notable works include “Dilwale”, “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”, and “Kal Ho Na Ho”. Ravi is known for his ability to create engaging characters and his knack for writing witty and memorable dialogues.

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Their Collaborations

While the Shammi Prasad Brothers have pursued different paths in the entertainment industry, they have also collaborated on several projects over the years. For instance, Prasad has directed several films that Shammi has starred in, such as “Guru” and “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna”. Ravi has also worked closely with Prasad on several projects, providing the screenplay for “Bajirao Mastani” and “Padmaavat”.

Awards and Recognition

The Shammi Prasad Brothers have received numerous awards and accolades for their work in the entertainment industry. Shammi has won several Best Actor awards for his performances, while Prasad has been recognized for his directing and producing skills. Ravi has also received critical acclaim for his screenwriting.


The Shammi Prasad Brothers are an incredibly talented trio who have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. Whether it is acting, directing, or writing, each brother has contributed immensely to the world of cinema. We can only hope that they continue to collaborate and bring us more memorable films and television shows in the years to come.

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