George Crabtree Leaves Murdoch: The End Of An Era

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The Shocking News

It was the news that shook the media world to its core: George Crabtree, the long-serving CEO of Murdoch Media, had announced his resignation. For many in the industry, Crabtree was the face of Murdoch, and his departure marked the end of an era.

The Legacy of George Crabtree

Crabtree had been with Murdoch Media for over 25 years, and during that time, he had overseen some of the company’s most successful ventures. He was widely credited with the success of the company’s flagship newspaper, The Daily Mirror, and he had also played a key role in the launch of several successful magazines and websites.

But Crabtree’s legacy extended beyond the company’s financial success. He was known for his commitment to quality journalism and his dedication to supporting journalists in their work. His departure was seen by many as a blow to the industry as a whole.

The Reasons Behind the Departure

Despite the shock of Crabtree’s resignation, it soon emerged that there had been tensions between him and the Murdoch family for some time. According to insiders, Crabtree had clashed with Rupert Murdoch’s son, James, over the direction of the company in the digital age.

There were also rumors of disagreements over editorial control, with Crabtree reportedly pushing for a greater degree of editorial independence for the company’s journalists.

The Impact on Murdoch Media

With Crabtree gone, the future of Murdoch Media is uncertain. Some analysts have suggested that the company may struggle without his leadership, while others have pointed to the strength of the company’s brand and its talented team of journalists.

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One thing is clear, however: the departure of George Crabtree marks a significant turning point for the company. It is now up to the Murdoch family and the company’s board to chart a new course for the company in the years ahead.

The Reaction from the Industry

News of Crabtree’s departure was met with shock and sadness by many in the media industry. Journalists and media executives took to social media to express their support for Crabtree and their admiration for his work.

Many also expressed concern for the future of Murdoch Media, with some suggesting that the company may struggle to maintain its reputation for quality journalism without Crabtree’s leadership.

The Future of Journalism

The departure of George Crabtree from Murdoch Media raises important questions about the future of journalism in the digital age. With the rise of social media and the decline of traditional media outlets, many have questioned whether quality journalism can survive.

But Crabtree’s legacy is a testament to the enduring importance of good journalism. His commitment to quality and his dedication to supporting journalists in their work serve as a reminder that, even in the digital age, there is still a place for quality journalism.


The departure of George Crabtree from Murdoch Media marks the end of an era in the media world. But it also raises important questions about the future of journalism and the role of media companies in supporting quality journalism.

As the media landscape continues to evolve, it will be up to those in the industry to ensure that the legacy of George Crabtree lives on and that quality journalism remains a cornerstone of our society.

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