Where Is Norma Allbritton Now?

TV show played role in Texas woman's arrest in husband's death, sheriff
TV show played role in Texas woman's arrest in husband's death, sheriff from www.chron.com

The Mysterious Disappearance of Norma Allbritton

Norma Allbritton was a 40-year-old woman from Texas who disappeared without a trace in 1986. Her disappearance has remained one of the most mysterious cases in Texas history, and despite investigations by law enforcement officials, her whereabouts remain unknown.

Norma Allbritton was last seen on March 3, 1986, leaving her home in Shepherd, Texas. She had told her family that she was going to a nearby store to buy cigarettes, but she never returned. Her car was found abandoned on the side of the road a few days later, but there was no sign of Norma.

The Investigation

The police initially investigated the case as a missing person’s case, but as time went on, they began to suspect foul play. They interviewed hundreds of people, conducted searches of the surrounding area, and even brought in psychics to try and locate Norma. Despite their efforts, they were unable to find any clues as to what had happened to her.

One of the main suspects in the case was Norma’s husband, Jerry Allbritton. He had a history of domestic violence, and Norma had filed for divorce just a few months before she disappeared. However, there was never enough evidence to charge him with her disappearance.

Theories and Rumors

Over the years, there have been many theories and rumors about what happened to Norma Allbritton. Some people believe that she was kidnapped and murdered by someone she knew, while others think that she may have run away to start a new life. There have even been rumors that she was involved in drug trafficking and was killed by a rival gang.

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Despite all of these theories, there has never been any concrete evidence to support any of them. Norma Allbritton remains a missing person, and her loved ones continue to search for answers.

Where Could Norma Allbritton Be Now?

It’s impossible to know for sure where Norma Allbritton could be now, but there are a few possibilities. If she was kidnapped and murdered, her body may still be out there somewhere, buried in a remote location. If she ran away, she could be living under an assumed name in another state or even another country.

One thing is for sure, though: Norma’s loved ones have never given up hope that she will one day be found. They continue to hold out hope that someone will come forward with information about her disappearance, and that they will finally be able to bring her home.


The disappearance of Norma Allbritton is a heartbreaking case that has remained unsolved for over 35 years. Her loved ones continue to search for answers, and they will never give up hope that she will one day be found. If you have any information about Norma’s disappearance, please contact the authorities. Let’s bring this mystery to a close and give Norma’s family the closure they deserve.

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