Did Suzette Leave Johnjay And Rich?

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The radio industry has always been full of surprises and rumors, and one of the most recent ones involves Suzette from the Johnjay and Rich show. The 2023 rumor mill has been churning out tales that she has left the show, and her fans are curious to know if it’s true. In this article, we will explore the rumors and try to find out if there is any truth to them.

Who is Suzette?

Suzette is a popular radio personality who has been working with Johnjay and Rich for several years. She is known for her bubbly personality, infectious laughter, and her ability to connect with the audience. Her fans love her and appreciate her for her wit and humor.

What are the Rumors?

The rumors started circulating in the summer of 2023, when Suzette took a break from the show. Her absence was noticeable, and fans started speculating that she might have left the show. Some rumors suggested that she had a falling out with Johnjay and Rich, while others claimed that she had found a better opportunity elsewhere.

What does Johnjay and Rich Say?

Johnjay and Rich have not made any official statements about the rumors. However, they have been dropping hints that suggest that Suzette is still part of the team. In one of their recent shows, they mentioned that Suzette was on vacation and would be back soon. This statement has given fans hope that Suzette has not left the show.

What do the Fans Say?

The fans are divided on the issue. Some believe that Suzette has left the show, while others think that she is still part of the team. The fans who believe that she has left are disappointed and saddened by the news. They appreciate Suzette’s contribution to the show and will miss her if she has indeed left.

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What Could have Led to Suzette’s Departure?

If Suzette has indeed left the show, there could be several reasons behind it. One possible reason could be that she wanted to pursue other opportunities. Suzette is a talented radio personality, and she might have received better offers elsewhere. Another reason could be that she had a falling out with Johnjay and Rich. However, this seems unlikely, as the trio has been working together for a long time, and they share a good rapport.


In conclusion, the rumors about Suzette leaving Johnjay and Rich are still just rumors. There is no concrete evidence to suggest that she has left the show. While fans are curious and worried about her absence, they should not jump to conclusions. It is possible that Suzette is just taking a break, and she will be back soon. Until then, fans can only wait and hope for the best.

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