Spike Lee Nike Commercial Actress: Who Is She?

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In recent years, Nike has been releasing commercials that feature a wide range of celebrities and athletes. One of the most iconic commercials was the one directed by Spike Lee, which featured an actress that many people have been curious about. In this article, we will explore who the actress is and some interesting facts about her.

Who Is She?

The actress featured in the Spike Lee Nike commercial is Tracy Camilla Johns. Johns is an American actress who was born in Queens, New York. She is best known for her role in the 1986 film “She’s Gotta Have It,” which was also directed by Spike Lee.

Her Career

Johns started her acting career in the 1980s and has appeared in several films and TV shows. She has worked with many notable directors and actors, including Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, and Wesley Snipes. Despite her talent, Johns’ career has not been as prolific as some of her peers. She has taken breaks from acting over the years and has focused on other pursuits, such as writing and directing.

Her Personal Life

Johns is a private person and does not share much about her personal life. She has been married and divorced twice and has two children. Johns is also a breast cancer survivor and has been an advocate for breast cancer awareness.

The Spike Lee Nike Commercial

The Nike commercial directed by Spike Lee was released in 1989 and featured several famous athletes, including Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson. The commercial was a huge success and is still remembered today. The actress played a key role in the commercial and was praised for her performance.

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Where Is She Now?

After the Nike commercial, Johns continued to act in films and TV shows. However, her appearances became less frequent over time. She has not acted in anything since 2012 and it is unclear whether she will return to acting in the future. Johns has kept a low profile in recent years and has not been in the public eye much.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Tracy Camilla Johns:

  • She was the first black woman to appear nude in a mainstream film in “She’s Gotta Have It.”
  • Johns was also the first black woman to be featured in a Nike commercial.
  • She was a classmate of Spike Lee’s at New York University.
  • Johns has also worked as a theater director and has directed productions in New York City.
  • She is a fan of the New York Knicks and has been seen at several games over the years.


Tracy Camilla Johns is an actress who is best known for her role in the Spike Lee film “She’s Gotta Have It” and her appearance in the iconic Nike commercial directed by Lee. While she has not been in the public eye much in recent years, she remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry. Her talent and contributions to film and TV are still appreciated by fans and critics alike.

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