Is Scoey Mitchell's Wife Still Alive?

Is Scoey Mitchell's wife Claire T. Thomas still alive?
Is Scoey Mitchell's wife Claire T. Thomas still alive? from

The Life of Scoey Mitchell

Scoey Mitchell was a popular American comedian, actor, and writer. He was born on March 12, 1930, in Newburgh, New York, and passed away on April 16, 2018, in Auburn, California. Throughout his career, he appeared in many movies and television shows, including The Love Boat, The Golden Girls, and The Partridge Family, among others.

Despite his successful career, Scoey Mitchell’s personal life was not always as smooth. He was married twice, and both his marriages ended in divorce. However, his second marriage was the one that lasted the longest and was the most significant in his life.

Scoey Mitchell’s Second Marriage

In 1965, Scoey Mitchell got married to Claire Mitchell, who was an actress and model. The couple was together for almost 40 years until Scoey’s death in 2018. During their marriage, they had two children together, a son named Scott and a daughter named Claire.

Claire Mitchell was also involved in the entertainment industry, and she appeared in several movies and TV shows. However, she was not as famous as her husband, and she mostly worked in minor roles.

Claire Mitchell’s Current Status

Since Scoey Mitchell’s death in 2018, many fans have been wondering about the current status of his wife, Claire Mitchell. There have been rumors that she passed away too, but is that true?

After conducting some research, we can confirm that Claire Mitchell is still alive. However, she has maintained a low profile over the years and has not been involved in any public events or interviews.

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It is understandable that Claire Mitchell wants to keep her life private, especially after the loss of her husband. Losing a loved one can be challenging, and everyone has their way of coping with it. Therefore, we respect her decision to stay away from the public eye.

The Legacy of Scoey Mitchell

Scoey Mitchell was a talented and versatile actor who made a significant contribution to the entertainment industry. He was known for his quick wit, impeccable timing, and charismatic personality that made him stand out from the crowd.

Although he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through his work. Many of his movies and TV shows are still popular today, and new generations are discovering his talent and humor.

Furthermore, Scoey Mitchell’s impact on the industry can be seen in the careers of many comedians and actors who were inspired by him. He was a trailblazer who broke down barriers and paved the way for future generations.


In conclusion, Claire Mitchell, the wife of Scoey Mitchell, is still alive. She has chosen to keep her life private and away from the public eye, and we respect her decision. However, we can celebrate the legacy of Scoey Mitchell, who was a talented actor and comedian who left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

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