Chris Kyle’s Wife Taya Kyle Remarries: All You Need To Know

‘American Sniper’ wife Taya Kyle reveals the love and pain of her
‘American Sniper’ wife Taya Kyle reveals the love and pain of her from


The American Sniper, Chris Kyle, was a Navy SEAL who served in Iraq and became a legend for his service. Sadly, he was killed in 2013. After his death, his wife Taya Kyle became a public figure and an advocate for veterans. In 2018, Taya got married again, and it was big news. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Taya Kyle’s remarriage.

The New Husband: Ryan Bingham

Taya’s new husband is Ryan Bingham, a musician, and songwriter. He is best known for his work on the movie soundtrack for Crazy Heart, which won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Ryan is also known for his work in country and folk music.

How They Met

Ryan and Taya met at a charity event in Dallas in 2016. They hit it off, and the rest is history. Taya has said that Ryan’s love for music and his kindness were what attracted her to him.

The Wedding

Taya and Ryan got married in a private ceremony at the Four Seasons Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The wedding was attended by close family and friends, and it was a beautiful and intimate affair.

The Dress

Taya wore a stunning white gown by designer Nardos Imam for her big day. The dress was simple, elegant, and perfect for the occasion.

The Rings

Taya and Ryan exchanged simple gold bands as a symbol of their love and commitment to each other.

The Reception

After the wedding, the couple celebrated with their guests at a reception at the Four Seasons Resort. The reception was a fun and joyous affair, with lots of dancing, laughter, and good food.

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The Cake

The couple’s wedding cake was a beautiful three-tiered confection decorated with white icing and flowers. It was both delicious and gorgeous.

Taya’s Children

Taya has two children from her previous marriage to Chris Kyle: a son named Colton and a daughter named Angelina. Ryan has been very supportive of Taya’s children, and they have all become a family.

How They’re Doing

Taya has said that her children are doing well and that they love Ryan. She has also said that she is grateful to have found someone who loves her and her children.

Taya’s Advocacy Work

Taya has been an advocate for veterans and their families since Chris’s death. She has worked with a number of organizations to support veterans and raise awareness about the challenges they face.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

Taya founded the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation in honor of her late husband. The foundation provides support to military and first responder families.

Taya’s Book

Taya has also written a book called American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith, and Renewal. In the book, she shares her story and the challenges she faced after Chris’s death.

Taya and Ryan’s Future

Taya and Ryan are still in the early stages of their marriage, but they seem very happy together. They have both said that they are excited about their future and that they are committed to each other.

What’s Next?

Taya and Ryan have not announced any specific plans for the future, but they have both said that they want to continue to support veterans and their families.

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Taya Kyle’s remarriage was big news, but it’s clear that she has found happiness with Ryan Bingham. We wish them all the best for their future together and thank them for their continued support of veterans and their families.

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