Jason And Brett Oppenheim Height: Everything You Need To Know

How tall are the Oppenheim twins and what is their net worth?
How tall are the Oppenheim twins and what is their net worth? from www.the-sun.com


If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix series “Selling Sunset,” then you’re probably familiar with the Oppenheim Group and its two founders, Jason and Brett Oppenheim. Not only are they successful real estate agents, but they also happen to be identical twins. One topic that has been of interest to many fans is their height. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Jason and Brett Oppenheim’s height.

The Oppenheim Twins

Jason and Brett Oppenheim were born on April 12, 1977, in Palo Alto, California. They both attended Stanford University, where they earned degrees in History and Economics, respectively. After graduation, they both pursued careers in law before eventually transitioning into real estate. In 2007, they founded the Oppenheim Group, which has since become one of the top real estate firms in Los Angeles.

How Tall Are They?

Many fans have wondered about the Oppenheim twins’ height, and it turns out that they are both quite tall. Jason and Brett both stand at 6’4″ (193 cm) tall, which is well above the average height for men in the United States. Their height is likely an advantage in their real estate careers, as it can help them stand out and make a strong impression on clients.

The Benefits of Being Tall

Research has shown that being tall can have many benefits, both in personal and professional settings. In addition to being perceived as more attractive and confident, tall individuals are often seen as more authoritative and capable. They may also have an advantage in certain sports and physical activities.

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How Do They Compare to Other Celebrities?

When it comes to celebrity height, Jason and Brett Oppenheim are certainly on the taller side. However, there are many other famous individuals who are even taller than they are. For example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stands at 6’5″ (196 cm), while former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is a towering 7’1″ (216 cm).

Height in Hollywood

Height is often a topic of discussion in Hollywood, where many actors and actresses are known for their tall stature. Some of the tallest male actors include Liam Neeson (6’4″), Vince Vaughn (6’5″), and Armie Hammer (6’5″). On the female side, notable tall actresses include Uma Thurman (6’0″), Nicole Kidman (5’11”), and Charlize Theron (5’10”).


Overall, Jason and Brett Oppenheim’s height is certainly noteworthy, but it’s just one small part of what makes them successful and interesting individuals. Whether you’re a fan of “Selling Sunset” or just curious about height in general, we hope this article has provided some helpful information and insights.


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